OI studio New York
Green with Envy
We can no longer ignore the human impact on our very delicate eco-system. The state in which we leave this planet to future generations is both our collective and individual responsibility.  At OI studio we are constantly searching for solutions that will minimize the environmental impact of the products we bring to the market. Our design studio and manufacturing plant are located within 15 miles of each other in Brooklyn and Staten Island New York. We source our materials locally whenever possible to minimize fossil fuel usage and to offset vehicle emissions.

Construction materials
Substrates : Formaldehyde free MDF and sustainably harvested Baltic birch plywood.
Wood veneer : Instead of using endangered species or wood from heavily logged forests, we use a composite veneer harvested from mostly poplar wood in managed forests, that is then dyed to replicate the look of specific species.  This composite veneer is virtually indistinguishable from the original and much less impactful on the environment.
Wood : Reclaimed beams from 19th century industrial mills
Colored lacquers : Water based high gloss lacquer.
Finishes : Water based clear lacquer.  Milk-based paint.  Citrus oil.
Metals : Recyclable steel or aluminum.
Recycled / rapidly
renewable materials
Bamboo : Rapid regrowth
Kirei Board : Recycled stalks of the sorghum plant layered with poplar wood. KR bond adhesive (formaldehyde-free) 
Eco-felt Fabric : Polyester fiber made from recycled plastic bottles.
Cork : No trees are cut down for the material cork is harvested by simply cutting the bark of the cork oak tree. The bark regenerates within three years, making this a highly renewable resource. recyclable, hypo allergenic, mold & allergen resistant.
Eco-resin : Does not contain PVC (plastic), comprised of 40% pre-consumer recycled content, and can be removed from installations and returned to the manufacturer to be recycled.
Cushions : Organic buckwheat hulls.  covers: organic cotton canvas and organic silk dupioni.
Printing : Our promotional literature is governed by our strong conservation principles. Our brochures are printed on recycled paper. We have also switched to 100% recycled paper for printers and copiers.

There is only so much we as individuals can do to reduce our carbon footprint, but every step, every conscious act to reclaim and re-use brings us all closer to living in harmony with our planet.